Live Backwards

Backwards living. It’s really quite simple.

Our instinct is to get. Get all you can, get ahead, get even. Jesus says to give. Give forgiveness, give generously, give grace. Our world is filled with anxiety and fear. Jesus says “I have come to give you life to the full."

So, let’s do the opposite of our instinct. Let’s practice the Jesus way.

The beautiful thing about the life of Jesus, is that he demolished those earthly standards of living. He looked at the unlovable and poured out compassion. He displayed kindness to his most avid foes. He showers us all with forgiveness, even in the midst of our brokenness. This is what a life lived backwards looks like. It looks bold. It looks courageous. It also looks weird, and different, and oftentimes misunderstood.

But there’s one thing that living backwards always has the power to do; it can always change lives. So, let's be weird. Let’s live backwards.

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